cyberhubbs said: It pleases me to be the first. In your experience, is digital penciling superior to the more traditional method? I mean, I've never drawn on one of those fancy drawing tablet things, but the idea just seems awkward in my mind despite their growing popularity.

Er. It depends? It’s superior in terms of ease of edits,  and not needing to scan anything in. It does, though, require a decent amount of practice before the cintiq/whatever becomes “invisible,”, and even then I still miss the feel of paper. It does have advantages in certain areas, like with Sketchbook Pro’s mirror function, for scrollwork, etc.  Resolution is also a problem, in that you have to constantly zoom in and out to not lose yourself in detail (or to see detail if you are drawing zoomed out.) 

I think that if they ever make a “retina” Cintiq with the ability to have a paper like feel to it, I’ll be super happy with it. 

All that said, it’s been my second-hand experience that if you do inks, and work with 3d models and or/2d patterns, it’s a godsend that dramatically reduces work time.  Unfortunately, my style doesn’t lend itself easily to just straight importing 3d line renders, it tends to clash with my less than super clean style.